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Content Management System (CMS)

Catering for small / medium sized businesses

The functionality list (commonly known as 'WHAT CAN THIS DO FOR ME?' list)

This Content Management System (CMS) allows you to . . .

  • Create & control a website(s), web pages, their SEO, upload images/documents and link on web pages
  • Add/edit/control your web pages through the Web editor, text editor or simply by cut+paste
  • Create & control your menu's, news, link page, gallery/portfolio for your website
  • Control your members, their websites and the website designs they use
  • Control your members through category association
  • Prevent harvesting of email addresses with our HarvestStopper and enquiry form security codes
  • Automatic creation of sitemap.html & sitemap.xml
  • Visitor statistics available
  • Backup system available
  • Mail list and newsletter service
  • Full e-commerce shop
  • Be-spoke solutions on demand (Eg, booking areas & member systems)

Example Usage

... and of course ...


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