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Domains & Hosting For Your Website
.. and everything else you need to operate a website

The Service we offer includes everything necessary to keep your website working appropriately and performing successfully.

Domain name registration ( <business>.com - <business> - etc )

  • The domain name, e.g, is your basic internet identity. The Service includes registration and DNS entries.
  • Something to think about : Would you register a company before securing a domain?
  • A FREE domain name is included with every website subscribed to the CMS System.
  • Individual domain registration costs :
    Cost : £15.00 - UK domains ending in
       - Registration period : 2 (two) years registration
    Cost : £18.00 - Global domains ending in .org .net .com
      - Registration period : 1 (one) year registration

Website Hosting

  • Hosting describes a portion of a server allocated for your web pages, and when linked to your domain name, allows the website to be accessible via the World Wide Web. The Service provides hosting for 100MB as standard.
  • Our Servers are located in Gloucester, Manchester & St Asaph - ie only in the UK. Usage of the CMS System includes FREE hosting for your website. Normal hosting cost is between £7.50 and £25.00 per month dependant of usage.

Your Website

Support for Hosting & Website

  • While on the Ideas Into Reality Servers, standard contracts include FREE email support and dependent on contract, telephone support also.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation and marketing

Email services

  • Email addresses are chosen in the form These can be individual mailboxes, or forwarded to another email address.
    The following is some terminology of note :
    • Sending emails (SMTP) ; via a computer s/w (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc), via Web Browser (Eg, IE, Firefox, etc), via mobile device (ie your phone)
    • Receiving emails (IMAP / POP) ; via a computer s/w (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc), via Web Browser (Eg, IE, Firefox, etc), via mobile device (ie your phone)

Website Statistics

  • A statistics package provides information about visitors to your site, including links they followed to reach it, or words they searched for.
  • Additional solutions are available in the form of WebStats and Google Analytics and bespoke solutions.

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