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The Service we offer includes experienced and professional SEO

You can get me to No. 1 on Google - Right?

If you don't already receive emails from companies saying 'Yes' to this, you soon will if you have any type of respectable website (For more information - Click here for Google's thoughts on the matter (Look for "Be wary of SEO firms..." and "No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.").

The service we provide combines our years of experience and hard work with your real content to provide the basis for a marketing plan which will provide periodic reports on progress.

What is SEO & Some terminology

The process of improving the visibility of a website / web page in search engines :
    - via the "natural" or un-paid search results is SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
    - via paid means is SEM - Search Engine Marketing

Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, please click here for more basic information on SEO.

What are Search Engines looking for ?

I cannot repeat enough that CONTENT IS KING.
From taking this simple aspect seriously, a marketing plan can begin.

From the websites we have created, our experience has provided us with expert knowledge of what the likes of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other Search Engines are looking for. In simple terms, it involves (among other things) RELEVANCE, COMPREHENSIVENESS, FRESHNESS and SPEED; all of which we know in abundance.

And there is more ...

In addition to above, we have comprehensive experience with the following which will provide a complete service for your business. This involves automated sitemaps (HTML & XML), analytics & other statistics (Eg, Google Analytics), AdWords/AdSense/Pay Per Click, link building, product placement & price comparison experience (Eg, Kelkoo & Google Product Search (was Froogle).

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