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Below is a sample list of management systems that I have been the Project Manager, the Sole Developer or Primary Developer for.

From analysing the information and business needs, the database structure and design leads to the the building blocks of the system to be created. From this platform, functionality is derived and implemented which leads to the all important output; the reports in the form of spreadsheet, XML, paper sheet and other formats.

  • Your Tourism Community Ltd -
  • Your Tourism Community Ltd -
  • Your Tourism Community Ltd -
  • Ideas Into Reality - Client Website CMS
  • FNF - Families Need Fathers : Branch Website Management system
  • Hogan Group (Bangor/Anglesey) - Data And Timesheet Management Systems
  • Pinacl Solutions UK Ltd (St Asaph) - Corporate Customer Management System

  • Wood Mackenzie (Edinburgh) - Research Geological Logging Research System
  • Ericsson Mobile Communications (Basiingstoke) - Nationwide Timesheet System
  • Ericsson Mobile Communications (Basiingstoke) - Site Project Management System
  • CERN (Geneva) - Statistical Logging System for the Euclid Graphics Package


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