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What is Web4-u?

  • Requirement : At time of creation, many businesses working alone, creating a website alone and maintaining it alone. No tourism business is an island - They all rely on each other - How can we help them to work together.
  • Web4-u allows you to produce a simple, low cost and effective method to distribute up to date and relevant tourism related information via a Wales website network (Allows you to advertise (Broadcast) yourself to others).
  • Web4-u allows you to create and control their own website
  • Web4-u allows you tourism associations & individuals to form a partnerships and create communities of information (& importantly, the information will be gathered at source).
  • Web4-u allows you to combine your information with other news articles to create a professional newsletter
  • Supported by Tourism Partnership North Wales

Number of members : Over 1500 Welsh businesses

Recognised Awarding Winning Solution

Example usage

Web4-u Costs

  • FREE : This service is free to join, insert your business details and allow other businesses to use your information
  • £75.00+VAT : The above and to Broadcast your information to others
  • £120.00+VAT : The above, Broadcast and create website

Web4-u as a ...

. . . . Digitally Networked Business Ecosystem
. . . . Advertisement of good business practise at BBC news - Click to view


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